I operate as a Freelance Engineer using a Limited company as a service company.

My wife and I are directors. My wife currently is on minimum PAYE payroll whilst I only take a dividend. I wish to change this so that I can also be on the payroll.

Not VAT registered.

Turnover of approximately £70k.

All our income and expenditure is filled out on our own spreadsheets. With statements and receipts etc in pdf format so no book-keeping required.

The following is a list of services we require:

Completion of the director's payroll
Completion of all starter/leaver forms
Submission of your RTI returns
Unlimited support from your own dedicated accountant
A full set of accounts
Completion of abbreviated accounts for Companies House
Submission of the corporation tax return (CT600) to HMRC
Submission of confirmation statement to Companies House
Submission of annual accounts to Companies House
Up to two directors self-assessments
Annual payroll for up to 2 directors
General tax advice, answering queries etc reminders for deadlines

Please forward a quote as soon as possible. We are based in Newport, Shropshire.

Graham Macartney