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As North East Accountants in South Shields, Prime Accountancy Group have been providing accountancy services for North-East businesses for more than 60 years and although it may say 'About Us' at the top of the page, frankly, it's not about us. No matter how good we think we are, when push comes to shove it's what you - our clients and potential clients - need that really matters. We're more the sleeves rolled up type of North East Accountants who understand that time is money and the faster we can get things done, the better it will be for everyone.

And when it comes to fees, you'll discover there's no scope for misunderstanding there either. We like things to be transparent. Before we start work you'll have a detailed quote so you know exactly what you're paying - and when. Prime Accountancy Group have won the Community/Charity category in the prestigious AVN UK Accountancy Firm of the Year Awards. Read about it here.

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14 Barrington Street

South Shields, NE33 1AJ
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