The Gallagher Partnership

The Gallagher Partnership LLP was established in its present form in 1983 by a group of partners and managers from a "Big 4 Firm" who became disillusioned with the apparent inability of that practice to deal efficiently with owner managed clients.

Our aim is to bring a practical approach to a client's business affairs by providing a full range of services to both the business and the individual, as well as the continuity, which results from the personal involvement of a partner. We currently have 7 partners and 25 staff. This unusually low partner to staff ratio allows us to provide a very direct personal service with the partner actively involved in the work rather than the more hierarchical structure with juniors, seniors, supervisors, managers and partners that many of our competitors use.

We believe that this offers the client a far higher level of service both in terms of quality and speed as the partner is often able to deal with questions and issues and take decisions immediately.