Simon Ling

Peter Niel has the benefit of nearly thirty years experience as a professional accountant. He studied at Cambridge and trained with a firm which is now one of the largest in the world. In his final exams he achieved the top prize in his year. He joined the firm in 1982 and has had the pleasure of seeing it grow to its present size with 350 clients. Peter is friendly, approachable and highly competent in all areas of taxation and accountancy ranging from complicated group structures to the sole trader. Joined the firm in January 1993 bringing with him many years of experience both in accountancy firms and on the other side of the fence in industry. David is friendly and capable person who goes out of his way to put clients at their ease and understand their needs so that he can match the services provided by the firm to their individual requirements. Trevor has been with the firm since 1993 and was previously a manager with Barclays Bank.