RFL Company Services

RFL Company Services was formed off the back of R.F Love and Company, a Chartered Accountancy firm operating in the South West, as a financial solution for our existing clients. Whilst several clients required a book keeping service, many required training of their existing book keepers and a few required higher financial functions, that a Financial Director would typically provide. RFL Company Services adapts its solutions to the needs of our clients.

Run by the father and son team of Roy and Richard Love, they draw upon there varied experiences to blend expertise and dynamism. Roy is a tall ship captain in his spare time, whilst Richard is a multi-linguist with a strong Sales background.

As Business owners, we understand the necessity of having access to good financial information at your fingertips, regardless of your business size. We review and evaluate the past, ensuring you can plan for the future, whether that is to grow the business or perhaps, sell it.