Peter Lawson

Whether you're just starting along the road, working for yourself or have been running your own business for some time, getting things right is an absolute must. Whilst you may have all the necessary acumen and expertise to succeed, business life is a succession of minefields. An experienced accountant with practical working knowledge of day to day business can offer invaluable support, giving you solid, proactive tax and business advice and keeping you on track, and allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what you do well.

Here at Peter Lawson & Co, we can help you do just that. We advise on all areas of business, tax and financial planning in a clear and concise way, helping you take your business forward. Why not find out more about us and then contact us today to arrange a free 1 hour consultation, to see what we can offer. Feel free to browse our services to discover how we can help, so you can come armed with a full list of questions!