Berkeley Townsend

What do you want of an accountant? For most people the answer is simple. You want first class financial advice - where, when and how you need it - and you want it to be time and cost effective. Every accountancy firm offers a "personal service", but what that means is often less than clear. At Berkeley Townsend you can be sure it means good service in your terms. People available as and when you want them, with expertise matched to the specific knowledge or advice you need and based on an accurate understanding of you, and of your business and financial objectives. It means that service is prompt, efficient, and expert - and, when necessary, heavy weight: that is deployed with the experience to sort things as circumstances demand. The range of services described here covers most of what we do. Essentially our services are primarily bespoke: you will receive the level and style of service that suits you, though it will always be objective, practical, understandable - and never over-engineered.