In case you have never heard of One Paper Line, and you probably haven’t since it’s made its debut on the UK accountants practices field just recently on 1st of May, let us introduce it to you. One Paper Line is a US-based digitally automated and digitalized platform that claims it will make some serious and positive changes in the accountant's practices in the country.

One Paper Line (OPL) acclaimed technology has just been introduced to the UK’s professional accounting field at Accountex 2019 and will be launched in the country in collaboration with M&A and Foulger Underwood, the professional strategy consultancy company. The platform comes with some major promises and claimed benefits for the professional branch of accountants and its creators guarantee major change of the workflow capabilities that streamline the processes and improved client management. In addition, OPL reduces the overhead and automates the majority of accounting and bookkeeping practice areas.

Foulger Underwood’s managing director Keith Underwood foresees the positive impact the launch of the digitalized helper of every professional accountant will make by saying:

“We only look to collaborate with partners we believe will have a tangible impact and address a real need in the marketplace.”

According to Mr. Underwood, this digitalized platform has long been awaited in the professional accounting and bookkeeping branch in the UK since some significant revolutionary improvements have been required for a long time in order to not simply revolutionize but also significantly ease the work process of the branch.

The introduction of the system on the country’s market is also one more great way to stay in touch with the cutting-edge modern digitalization of the accounting services worldwide which also comes with a lot of benefits for the client. Mr. Underwood believes that:

“OPL’s scalable, flexible and affordable offering will provide an essential tool to assist UK accounting practices to evolve and improve profitability.”

The M&A’s team of strategy consultants Foulger Underwood is known for their experience. They are working with One Paper Line exclusively for the launch in the country. Before the launch of OPL in the UK, the cloud-based process automation and collaboration platform have already been tested in other global markets and across different business segments. The platform is already successfully and effectively utilised within many business sectors in the US. The CEO of OPL, Mr. Guarav Mirchandani explain the platform’s aim:

“What we offer accountants is simple. Our tools allow you to streamline, automate, and improve processes thereby increasing productivity and improving both the client and team member experiences.”

About the collaboration with the British strategy consultancy company Mirchandani is saying:

“We are very excited to be working with Foulger Underwood to replicate the success we’ve seen with our clients in other parts of the world.”

Clearly, the launch of this new cloud-based, digitalized system promises a lot of advantages and benefits coming along and a significantly improved accounting and bookkeeping service for the client.

Indeed, the digitalization of business sectors and the accounting professional field more specifically is not a new phenomenon and has been an aim of many companies and entrepreneurs across the world in the past few years. You can learn more about the aims toward digitalizing the business and accounting sectors by visiting Keith Underwood’s discussion “How to enhance our clients’ experience and improve profitability using digitalization tools and workflow analysis”.